Dog Beach

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What a fun video from Bryan Rogers. He certainly captured the fun of being a dog in San Diego. San Diego has many beaches for humans. Even better, there are beaches designated for dogs! There are beaches where you can bring your canine friend and not worry about anything but enjoy watching them have a great time. It is a nice idea to have beaches where dogs are allowed. Sometimes when dogs are at beaches where kids are playing ball, or people resting, having a dog run over you or even try to play with a kid’s ball can be disruptive. So, San Diego decided not to exclude man’s best friend, but to have designated beaches for dogs. It is a great idea! Everyone is happy!

It is a great way for dogs to socialize with other dogs too. As you can see from the Youtube video that Bryan created, dogs are having fun playing with one another and their owners. It is generally friendly. Dogs get great exercise and their owners can have a great time on the beach!

Of course, there are rules to follow: (Source: San Diego Visitor center)

  • Make sure that your dog is wearing a current license and has all its required, up-to-date vaccinations.
  • Keep your dog on a leash until you get to the designated off-leash area.
  • Please always clean up after your pet.

List of dog beaches around San Diego: (source: San Diego Visitor Center)

Dog Beaches

  • Dog Beach – Ocean Beach
    (24 hr. off leash) – located at the west end of Voltaire St., this off leash dog beach is one of the most popular in San Diego
  • Fiesta Island – Mission Bay
    Located in Mission Bay Park, dogs are allowed in all areas except for the Youth Campground and Least Tern nesting sites (seasonal). Daily 6:00 am – 10:00 pm, this area offers calmer waters than the ocean and sand dunes to run on.
  • North Beach Dog Run – Coronado
    (24 hr. off leash) – located on Ocean Blvd. near Sunset Park at the northern end of the beach next to the U.S. Naval Station entrance. Dogs must be leashed until you reach the beach. Foot shower and free dog litter bags at the entrance to the run.
  • Del Mar Dog Beach – Del Mar
    (post-Labor Day thru June 14 off leash) – located at Via De La Valle and Highway 101 at the rivermouth. Off leash area is north of 29th St.

If you would like to follow a dog beach twitter feed around San Diego, you can tweet:

Hope to see you and your dogs at dog beach!

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San Diegans are very lucky to have the beach close by where we can boogie board, have bonfires, relax, have friend/family get togethers, birthday celebrations, yoga. and even reflect on beauty of the sunset or sunrise, if you are an early bird.  I decided to try surfing. I found a local company called Surfing Divas and went out on a private lesson. We met early in the morning when the surf is supposedly at its best. So at the crack of dawn, we met at the beach with my wetsuit and over 8 foot board. She started to teach me the fundamentals of how to mount on the board while we were on the beach and practiced on the beach. Seemed easy to do… until I went into the ocean. If you want a good workout, you should try surfing. I think one of the most difficult part was getting out to where I could surf. The waves kept thrashing and I felt I didn’t move from my spot. Luckily my instructor decided to help me paddle out and pushed me out there.  She helped me get out and after a few pointers, I was standing on my board! It was an amazing feeling to be riding the waves. I can see why people are out there early and til dusk. It is truly wonderful to be out there in the ocean amongst nature. After my successful lesson, I wanted to surf more!

I checked out where would be some good spots to try and found an excellent site:

I highly recommend it!Out in the ocean



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Horse show


Rows of ribbons!

Went to the Del Mar Fairgrounds to watch the Horse and Jumper Competitions. I was overwhelmed by the rows and colors of ribbons at the show! There are so many talented people with beautiful horses. I was amazed at the time and dedication these riders put in. There were kids there of all ages and adults all competing. I remember watching the Olympic Horse competition in London and thinking, wow, what a sport. And here in Del Mar, we also have our competition.  It is a combination of rider skills and horse. The height in which these horses jumped was astounding! Ribbons well deserved!

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Beach clean-up

Volunteered at a Beach Cleanup at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, California. Beautiful beach in an eclectic part of town.

It started as a cloudy day with a light drizzle but people started coming out as early as 8 am! In spite of the rain, there were over 180 people that came to help pick up trash!! A radio station (102.1 KPRI) was there and offered free food and they raffled off tickets to Disneyland and Bob Dylan concerts. Moonlight Beach is undergoing a facelift and some dredging so part of the beach was fenced off. However people found odd things from a chair, to television set, to a Santa decoration to the normal recyclable bottles. Some people even found cellphones still attached to their chargers! Apparently bicycles are quite common to find. And a tire??? Are people that lazy to drive a bit further to drop these off at an actual waste/recycling facility instead of the beach??

Beach trash!

Did people actually “dump” these at the beach as trash??

At the end of the cleanup, we threw out over 500 lbs of trash!

Way to go volunteers!

If you are interested in Moonlight Beach’s cleanup, we are there with Surfriders every third Saturday of the month! More details at

Perhaps I will see you there!

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With all the Christmas decorations out already in stores, I am just getting ready for Halloween. I managed to find my Halloween decorations and put out my lit pumpkins, splat witch on my door,  and tombstone out my front. Will probably carve closer to Halloween. My neighborhood really went to town with their decorations. Someone had skeletons coming out of the ground, another had a huge spiderweb at t their front door (hope the kids don’t get stuck in there), while someone seemed to have brought Pirates of the Caribbean to their home! Really good fun! It’s almost as good as Christmas decorations!

We decided to try the Scream Zone in Del Mar. ( Definitely enter at your own risk. You can choose from the Hayride, the Chamber, or the House of Horror. I would recommend all three. It seems like it gets better every year. I don’t know anyone who didn’t get scared at one of those. Costumes seem so real now and the blood and gore is good. The part I don’t like the most is when they touch you- you don’t know if its a zombie, a slimy goo, a bat, or do I want to know?

People drive down from LA to go to our modest Haunted zone. Highly recommend. Let me know what you think!

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British Car Day


Attended a British car day event in Point Loma, CA.  It was a gorgeous day in Point Loma surrounded by British cars such as MGs, Jaguars, Austin Martins, Austin Healeys, Deloreans, etc.. If is was British it was there! Car’s from the1950s all beautifully kept.Scottish bagpipes were playing in the background.


Nice day at Point Loma

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organic simple food

Discovered a place in Del Mar that has delicious organic food that is served buffet style. You have choice of nice meals such as salads, wholesome meals such as beef with mashed potatoes and kal all for $10. Of course there are extras like raspberry tea, organic lemonade… yum!!!!

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Titanic exhibit

Went to the museum and saw the Titanic exhibit. Nicely done. Felt like I was in the Titanic as I got a card pretending to be one of the passengers. Had details of the passenger, what class I was in, where I was from and what my hopes were upon arriving in America. Then I found out at the end of the exhibit that I didn’t survive. A sad time.

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